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My source has just posted additional pictures of Emma on set for Spider Man yesterday, and even if there’s no many pictures, you can view the whole Emma’s look.

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I added scan of currently South Africa Cosmopolitan. Plus, a few additional outtakes of EW photoshoot Emma did back in 2008.

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Hard at work on their latest project, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were spotted on location for “The Amazing Spider-Man” in Manhattan earlier today (April 30).

The two stars hit the streets of the Big Apple to film the movie’s final scenes, as Emma told “E!” earlier this week,

“We’re doing exteriors in New York for a couple of weeks, so it’ll be done in mid-May. So, yeah, it was only a six-month shoot.”

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Hello, Emma fans!

My name is Luciana and I’m the new owner of You may know me from my other sites like Amy Adams Fan, Winona Forever or Mr Cavill. It was such a shame that a resource dedicated to adorable Miss Stone was outdated for months, thanks to my awesome host this situation ended today.

As you can see, we have a new layout, it was made by the talented Celyn with a matching gallery theme. Speaking about the gallery, it was completely revamped, we used to have 2000 pictures and now you can count 5000 pictures, and there’s more to be added. I also have changed our twitter account, so to be informed about Dazzling Emma’s updates, please follow us at @dazzling_emma.

There’s a lot more to do, content wise and also lots of pictures to be added. So please keep checking to see what’s coming next.

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Emma Stone looks on as Andy Samberg jokes about his own “Easy A” moment in this brand new promo for Saturday Night Live! The 24-year-old actress is hosting SNL this Saturday (October 23) with musical guests Kings of Leon! Make sure you don’t miss it.

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If you’re not familiar the story of Easy A it’s actually a rather intriguing update on the literary classic The Scarlett Letter, with a modern twist. In order to help her gay best friend who is being bullied in school Olive (Emma Stone) feigns losing her virginity to the boy to save him from ridicule. When more boys trying to up their social standing approach Olive for her services as well, she opens for business pushing the high school rumor mills into overdrive.

What drew you to play the role of Olive?
First of all, it’s really rare to read a really well-written, fleshed-out, funny character that’s female, especially in a comedy, and so that’s exciting right off the bat. Then I just thought the script is so clever, and I really liked Olive’s perspective on things. She’s no damsel in distress, so I just really liked her all around as a character and loved the script itself.

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Emma Stone is helping her mom celebrate being cancer-free in an unusual way: they’re getting matching wrist tattoos!

“We’ve never gotten tattoos before and probably never will again,” the actress told David Letterman on Thursday. “Two years ago tomorrow she got diagnosed with breast cancer, and she’s out of the woods now, which is amazing.”

According to Stone, the tattoos will be anything but ordinary — because they’re designed by a former Beatle!

My mom’s favorite song is ‘Blackbird’ by Paul McCartney, and it’s my favorite song as well,” she explained. “I wrote a letter to Paul McCartney asking him if he would draw two little bird feet — because he wrote the song — and yesterday he sent them to me.

Stone previously met the rock legend, 68, when she visited his house with her Zombieland costar Woody Harrelson.

“We went into Paul McCartney’s house and he made us veggie burgers,” she recalled. “It was so good. But can you imagine if I was like, ‘Well, the burgers were a little [overcooked]?’

Stone admitted she still can’t believe the musician came through for her.

“Custom tattoos by Paul McCartney. Isn’t that wild?” she said. “He’s a good guy.”


Congrats to Emma and her lovely mom, that’s absolutely a great news!

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Hi folks! I’m so sorry for the delay in posting this but as you may have noticed there were some server issues yesterday… Fortunately, everything seems to be solved now!

Anyway, I’ve added to the gallery 100 amazing pictures of Emma visits The Late Show with David Letterman on October 14th. Make sure you check them out now!

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