Hollywood “It Girl” Emma Stone is starring alongside Viola Davis in “The Help,” a drama that takes place in Mississippi during the 1960s. Stone, 22, pointed out to “Extra’s” Adrianna Costa, “This is the first time I’ve played an adult role, you have to realize. I’ve only played people in high school before!” The actress thoughtfully added, “Maybe I grew up this year.”

When Adrianna suggested Emma go dress shopping for the Academy Awards, the actress laughed, “That would be like someone saying, ‘I think this year you’re gonna meet the man of your dreams,’ and you go out and buy a wedding dress.”

Costa asked Stone about a bakery rumor and the star responded, “Who leaked the information that I wanted to intern at a bakery? That was supposed to be top secret information and I don’t know who said that.

“No, I’m not interning at a bakery, but I was thinking about doing it — I thought it would be nice, but now it’s like, ‘Emma’s interning at a bakery,’ [and] I don’t want to do it so much anymore.”

With the new Entertainment Weekly issue, we have now the first official promotional images of Emma in “The Amazing Spider Man” movie. Check it:

Every year around Comic-Con, Entertainment Weekly runs a huge blow out about the pop culture convention and this year is no exception. The cover of their latest issue, hitting newsstands Friday, features brand new photos of The Amazing Spider-Man including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, mechanical webshooters and that beautiful costume. Hi-res scans will surely hit the Net later today as the issue starts leaking out but The Insider got the first look and someone was smart enough to do some screengrabs. They’re not great, but they’ll do in a pinch:


Just a quick update to let you know that screencaptures of 7live Interview has been added to the gallery:

The RED BAND trailer for Friends with Benefits has just been released. Check it!

It was an exciting day at the 7Live offices yesterday.

When word spread that Hollywood starlet Emma Stone (“Easy A”; Vanity Fair’s latest cover girl) was paying us a visit to promote her new film “The Help,” fans from inside and outside the building were ecstatic. We were fortunate enough to not only get Emma, but her scene-stealing co-star Octavia Spencer (you might remember her as the hilarious INS agent in “Ugly Betty”), and director Tate Taylor.

Funny girl Emma Stone takes a break from the gaffs and spit-takes to go seriously retro as Skeeter in this summer’s drama about women and race relations, The Help. SheKnows caught up with Stone on set to talk about going back to the ’60s and going up against Bryce Dallas Howard’s horrible Hilly in the big screen adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller.

Emma Stone is known for stealing laughs in films like Easy A, Zombieland and Friends with Benefits. In The Help, due in theaters August 10, 2011, however, Stone takes a dramatic turn, lending her awkward charm to Skeeter, a 1960s college grad who finds herself in the middle of the race debate and at war with her best friend Hilly after she embarks on a secret writing project with the African American maids in Jackson, Mississippi.

SheKnows: Not being a Southerner, what has it been like to jump into this world, both on screen and off?

Friends with Benefits and Crazy, Stupid, Love. starlet Emma Stone won’t expose relationship details, but she does get to the blonde roots of her Spidey sense, her girl crush, and how the gay rights movement prepared her for The Help.

She easily got our attention in films like Superbad, The House Bunny, and Zombieland, but it was her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Easy A — in which her character feigns sex with a gay pal to save him from bullying — that elevated Emma Stone to the A-list. This summer, after breaking hearts in Friends with Benefits and Crazy, Stupid, Love., the 22-year-old takes on another brassy firecracker in The Help, an adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel about the civil rights movement. Here, the unsinkable Stone breaks down her soft spot for tough girls and tomboys.

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