Oct 4, 2011
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Check out an interview with Emma Stone from the closing ceremony at the 2011 Zurich Film Festival where “The Help” was screened.

Green Carpet: Emma Stone from Zurich Film Festival on Vimeo.

Oct 3, 2011
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Earlier today, Emma Stone and her co-stars from “The Help” attended a photocall for the film in Madrid, Spain. Emma Stone Connection has just added 71 HQ and MQ photos of Emma Stone from the event into our photo gallery!

Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery

Emma Stone Photo Gallery > Appearances > From 2011 > “The Help” Photocall – Madrid

Oct 2, 2011
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Emma Stone wanted to become an actress for the “adrenaline” rush.

The 22-year-old star – who rose to fame after appearing in 2007 movie ‘Superbad’ – first decided to enter the business after appearing in a school play and loving the nerves she had while doing it.

She said: “I think it was doing it for the first time, on stage in a school play when I was in first grade – I really felt so happy and alive and scared, and I think it was the adrenaline of it that initially got me hooked on acting – but then actually wanting to be a part of movies was because of how deeply movies affected me. And how much they made me feel like I had a voice that I couldn’t find myself.”

Now, the ‘Easy A’ actress is keen on always telling stories, but believes a time will come where she no longer wants to appear in front of the camera.

She said: “I care about telling incredible stories, and I think there will be some point where I just won’t be in them anymore. I hopefully will be able to be part of them, but not being on camera or playing the role. I don’t know that I’m the best person for the job most of the time!”


Oct 1, 2011
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Emma Stone was surprised she was cast in ‘The Help’.

The ‘Easy A’ actress portrays journalist Eugenia Phelan in the Tate Taylor-directed drama about a young white woman who befriends two black maids during the 1960s Civil Rights campaign in the US, and she admits she was shocked to have been offered the leading part.

She said: “The job came in and I was like, ‘I’ve got to do this.’ I didn’t think they’d actually take a chance on me. I never think that.

“It’s so exciting when it happens and I’m never ready and I’m never prepared and I can’t ever play it – but I try. But the thing is, it didn’t feel any different than doing a comedy. I credit a lot of that to Tate Taylor, the director. He was always having fun and being goofy.”

The 22-year-old star particularly enjoyed shooting the film in the summer of 2010 because it felt like a “camp”.

She joked to Empire magazine: “We had a great summer. It was like we made a movie while we were at camp. In the middle of Mississippi having block parties and riding bikes to each other’s houses. It was the best possible experience to delve into someone else.”


Sep 29, 2011
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Emma Stone says fame hasn’t affected her life so far.

The 22-year-old star is not concerned about her future changing after blockbuster ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ with Andrew Garfield is released because people have been telling her for a while things would soon be different in her life and nothing has happened so far.

She told Empire magazine: “I’m not preparing myself for anything. I’ll just see where it goes. If I had a nickel for every time someone said, ‘Your life is going to change next weekend!’ How can you know? I am fine with nothing changing. I would love for nothing to change.”

However, the flame-haired star – who also appears in ‘The Help’ and ‘Easy A’ – is delighted at the way her career is progressing, and thinks she needs to start keeping a journal to record what is happening to her.

She said: “I am so appreciative and trying to enjoy it as much as I can because this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So I need to start journaling or something! But I can’t really see it clearly because I was there for every step of the process.”


Sep 28, 2011
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If you had any doubt that period gangster movie starring Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi, Emma Stone and Nick Nolte was awards season material, well Warner Bros. has made it official, giving the film a plum October 19, 2012 release date. We’re sure organizers at TIFF, Telluride and Venice are already working the phones.

The film is based on a series of articles in the L.A. Times by Paul Lieberman that was picked up soon after its publication in 2008 by Warner Bros. who, in turn, hired former L.A. cop-turned-novelist Will Beall to adapt. The major focus of Lieberman’s article was a specialized L.A.P.D. unit set up in the ‘40s to fight the growing influence of the East Coast Mafia, namely that from infamous gangster Mickey Cohen, a mogul who started as muscle for Al Capone in Chicago. Penn will play Cohen with Gosling and Brolin as the two cops determined to bring him down. And as the ensemble around them suggests—it also includes Holt McCallany, Robert Patrick, Frank Grillo, Sullivan Stapleton and Mirielle Enos—this will be one sprawling tale.

The film is currently in front of cameras with “Zombieland” and “30 Minutes Or Less” director Ruben Fleischer stepping up his filmography in a major way.


Sep 28, 2011
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For women, breaking into comedy is a tough enough nut to crack without the chauvinistic “women aren’t funny” comments. Not only is it not true, but with a male-dominated writers’ field in Hollywood (73 percent of the WGA’s film writers are men) it’s only too clear that if women aren’t funny on-screen, it’s probably because the only funny thing they had to do in the script was fall down and go boom boom.

The widely accepted paradigm in movies (not to mention TV) is having an out-of-shape or mildly attractive but funny husband and his hot, not-as-funny wife. And it’s getting stale, baby. In order for a woman to go against that grain takes massive ovaries, the ability to generate her own material, and absolutely no fear of looking stupid.

2. Emma Stone
As the youngest actress on the list, Stone is in demand because her inspired, precocious talent has already put her on-screen with the Judd Apatow players in “Superbad,” Bill Murray in “Zombieland,” and in her own star vehicle, carrying “Easy A” squarely on her shoulders and earning a Golden Globe nod in the process. Stone’s M.O. was always to be a comedian like her idols Gilda Radner, Steve Martin and John Candy. “Friends With Benefits” was fine, but Stone continued her hot streak with this summer’s “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”


Sep 27, 2011
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I have just added 12 new HQ photos into our photo gallery! There is more photos of Emma Stone on the set of “Gangster Squad” from September 23rd and photos of Emma Stone at LAX airport on September 24th.

Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery Emma Stone Photo Gallery

Emma Stone Photo Gallery > Film Productions > 2013 – Gangster Squad > On Set – September 23, 2011
Emma Stone Photo Gallery > Miscellaneous > Candids > September 24, 2011 – Los Angeles

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