Here is some more info about what’s next for “The Amazing Spider-Man”:

“The Amazing Spider-Man,” Sony Pictures’ fourth installment in the franchise, has already broken box office records and wooed critics into its web.

Now, Sony hopes it will amaze twice more.

On the film’s Facebook fan page, the studio confirmed that the new “Spider-Man” is the first in a trilogy.

“It’s finally here,” the post, which appeared in more than 1.7 million newsfeeds Monday, begins. “‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

By Thursday evening, the post was liked 11,684 times.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” opened Monday in the United States after grossing $6 million from 1,236 screens in India, the biggest opening ever for a Hollywood film there and 74 percent bigger than ‘Spider-Man 3.”


Emma is on the cover of August’s issue of Vogue UK! Emma looks stunning!

I have added some more interviews of Emma talking about The Amazing Spider-Man either at the red carpet or during press junket:

Check out Emma’s interview with Herald Sun:

And we all know what’s happening in that field. Still, Stone won’t be dissuaded.

“I’d love to be a copy editor,” she says seriously. “I love punctuation and grammar and spelling.

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good at it.”

Well, maybe she could check this story before it goes to print?

“I would love to – I’ll edit you!” she almost-growls with excitement. “My friend has been writing a lot lately and she sends over her stuff and I go through it with a red pen, like … ‘Yes!’ … ‘Paragraph break here!'”

She sighs happily.

“I love it so much.”

That’s the 23-year-old’s logical side shining through – a side she’d like to feed in future by learning more about astronomy, biology, medicine and, yes, baking.

Stone is a smart cookie, but she didn’t attend high school – she was home-schooled through those years and shot her breakout movie Superbad in what would have been her final year.

But she doesn’t feel she missed out on any of the, er, fun.

“I’ve been to high school three times: once in Superbad, once in Easy A and once in The Amazing Spider-Man. So my high school experience is: guys wanting to get alcohol and have sex with you; you have to pretend to be a slut and get paid for it; and your boyfriend is a superhero.”

Check out Emma’s interview with ABC News about “The Amazing Spider-Man”:

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Check out Marc Webb’s interview with Vanity Fair about “The Amazing Spider-Man” where he talks about Andrew and Emma’s chemistry:

Speaking of combinations, when did you realize that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had such amazing chemistry?

During the screen test, I knew that there was something there. When we did this one scene, though, where they run into each other in the hallway—it’s a very simple scene, a trope-y scene that we’ve seen in movies before. They both just brought some nervous adolescent energy to the table, and they injected such humanity into it. I remember very specifically sitting behind the monitor with a big smile on my face, knowing that we had something pretty special there.

Read more over at Vanity Fair

Check out Emma’s interview with Rolling Stone about “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

After spending the last half-decade playing smart, independent women, Emma Stone was ready for a change: “Now I like women that are totally dependent,” she half-jokes to Rolling Stone. In fact, she’s come to love the “damsel in distress” aspects of her role as Peter Parker’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, in The Amazing Spider-Man (out July 3rd) – as well as her equally vulnerable part in September’s Gangster Squad. “I think my brain might be changing,” she says.

Doing an action movie like The Amazing Spider-Man is a different world for you. What concerns did you have?
When you hear “Spider-Man,” all you picture is green screen and wires and, like, CGI in post. But then they sent me over these top-secret scenes that were really interesting, and I was like, “Well, what do I have to lose just auditioning for something like this?”

Then I went and I read with Andrew [Garfield, who plays Peter Parker], and it was like a full-blown camera test, which I had never done before – with hair and makeup, and in costume and with lighting. It was like we were shooting a movie. I was doing a scene with Andrew, and it all kind of clicked in that the reality of actually shooting this was going to feel like any other movie I’ve done. Because it was grounded and it was realistic, and it was really lovely to find beats with him and to get to work with him, even for those six hours that I was auditioning. I think it’s really easy to put it into a box – like, “It’s just a superhero movie.”

More fireworks at the North American box office on the eve of U.S. Independence Day. My sources say Sony Pictures’ superhero reboot The Amazing Spider-Man opened with $35M (though some rival studios put the number in the neighborhood of $32M tonight). It easily sets a new domestic record for a Tuesday opening – helped by its 3D premium pricing – and is ahead of the original 2D Transformers ($27.8M) that debuted on Tuesday July 3rd, 2007. ”That is one huge number,” a Sony exec gushed to me tonight. “Unbelievable start to what should be a very exciting 6 days.”

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