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I am not able to watch this but I assume people living in the USA can:

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Emma talks about twitter. Check it out:

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Emma Stone has had a slew of red carpet appearances and interviews lately to promote “The Amazing Spider-Man,” but it’s been nothing but a breeze for the charismatic actress.

It seems no one is immune to her understated beauty and self-deprecating charm. In fact, her New York Magazine profile was so glistening that some article commenters lambasted its “girl crush” tone. Her fashion sense has been the center of envious attention, and her off-screen relationship with her “Spider-Man” co-star Andrew Garfield (which she’s reticent to publicly discuss) seems to be going swimmingly.

Clearly, Stone is doing something right. Taking a page out of Dale Carnegie’s famous self-help book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” she’s smiling, listening and appreciating her rise to the (“Easy”) A-list, making us fall deeper in love with her one step at a time.

From her PowerPoint-fueled Hollywood start to her humble rise to success, here are six ways that Emma Stone has won us over:

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Emma, Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, and Denis Leary were on The Today Show earlier today to talk about The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out some of the pics and interview below:

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This is kinda of a fun interview that co star, Denis Leary did with PopSugar. It’s Andrew vs. Emma game! Check it out below:

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I have added new pics of Emma on her way to David Letterman to film her segment on his show to talk about The Amazing Spider-Man earlier today.

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Check out Emma and Andrew’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” interview with USA Weekend along with their outtakes:

As adolescents, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone struggled to overcome external obstacles: his face-covering eczema, her horrific acne, his parents’ mandate that he study business, her frustration with traditional schooling.

Now, years and accolades later, they’re set to revisit the transformational teen years playing Peter Parker and his first love, Gwen Stacy, in The Amazing Spider-Man. The latest interpretation of the webslinger’s story, out July 3, pits heart-wrenching growing pains against Parker’s mysterious lineage, a hostile police chief and the diabolical Lizard.

“This is why I love Peter Parker so much,” says Garfield, 28. “The struggle of when you feel stronger on the inside than in fact you literally are on the outside. … It was the same struggle I had.”

On a rainy day in New York City, Garfield and Stone sniffle with colds. Armed with antibiotics and their senses of humor, the real-life couple race through cultural references (Beatles to Bridesmaids), curious musings (“Do you see blue the way I see blue?”) and lighthearted teasing (“What was I saying?” “Just something incredibly uninteresting.”)

When Garfield orders soy milk with his latte, he grimaces. “Sorry, I just discovered I am lactose-intolerant. I am not the pretentious person who asks for soy.”

It may be clear to him that he is not that guy now, but while growing up in London, Garfield had little idea who he was or what he wanted.

“My plan was no plan,” says Garfield, whose father was a swim coach and mother a teaching assistant. “I was a gymnast and a swimmer, and my dad said to do business, and so I did. But I was in the wrong room with all of it.”

That phrase — “the wrong room” — comes from a talk that resonated with Garfield, in which a failing student is taken from the classroom and left alone in a room. She begins to dance, and discovering her calling, eventually becomes a renowned choreographer. She had just been learning, as he puts it, “in the wrong room.”

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I have added new pics of Emma and her “The Amazing Spider-Man” cast visiting The Empire State Building earlier today in New York where they did a bunch of press for the movie.

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