March 19, 2015
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The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed their list of the Top Stylists of 2015 – with Emma Stone’s stylist Petra Flannery taking home the top spot. Flannery’s looks remain elegant with an element of surprise and top best-dressed lists all over the Internet. “We love to take risks; we are risky ladies,” says Emma, who has worked with Flannery since her House Bunny days. Other clients are Zoe Saldana, Amy Adams, Gwen Stefani and more. Pictures from Stone and Flannery’s photoshoot for the magazine have been added to our photo gallery, you can read the article in the press library, and two videos of the duo talking about their style can be seen below.

November 3, 2014
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Emma Stone’s star will soon shine on Broadway when she debuts in “Cabaret,” but the actress’s latest projects have been darker than her previous roles in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Easy A” and, earlier this year, “Magic in the Moonlight.”

In the film “Birdman,” directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, she plays Sam, a young woman fresh out of rehab and furious at her father, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton). Sam agrees to be his assistant as he obsesses over staging his Broadway adaptation of a Raymond Carver story, but then feels neglected and relegated to menial tasks like getting his coffee.

Ms. Stone, 25 years old, filmed several of her “Birdman” scenes on the rooftop of Broadway’s St. James Theatre on 44th Street, just 10 blocks from where she will star in her own show, “Cabaret” at Studio 54, starting Nov. 11.

In “Cabaret,” she is set to take over the role of Sally Bowles, the despairing singer at the Kit Kat Klub in 1931 Berlin. Directed by Rob Marshall and Sam Mendes, this Roundabout Theatre Company revival stars Alan Cumming as the Emcee and, currently, Michelle Williams as Sally.
Sally is a tragic figure, for whom love is fleeting—and a role Ms. Stone has wanted to play ever since she watched Natasha Richardson sing “Cabaret” as a 9-year-old girl.
Ms. Stone spoke with the Journal about “Birdman” and “Cabaret,” navigating social media as a public person, and redirecting paparazzi interest. An edited transcript follows.

In “Birdman,” Sam is often on the periphery of things, then becomes the center of some key action. Were you able to use that to your advantage to play her?

It’s a good question, because she is lurking and sitting on her phone on the outskirts of scenes a lot of the time. It was one of those always-watching kind of feelings. I feel like a lot of people distract themselves when they’re on their phone, but they’re sort of aware of what’s happening around them, which gives them more insights than maybe it seems.

In the scene when Sam lashes out at her dad, it’s intense when she yells, “You don’t exist!” but also kind of funny because she’s criticizing him for not caring about Twitter and Facebook.

Because it’s such a tangent, I thought it was probably something she had written down in a journal when she was in rehab, as something she had felt about him and had probably said to herself a million times, and was activated enough to say it to him the first time. Which I think felt different than what she expected it to feel. I don’t think I saw it as comedy or tragedy, so much as just this little truth bomb that she was finally getting the chance to throw at him.

Sam tries to show him the power of YouTube and social media. How do you negotiate your own power on the Internet as a public person?

I don’t have a public social-media account—Twitter or Instagram or anything—but I have apps on my phone of Huffington Post or the Guardian. I look at people’s Twitter.
Because I don’t really engage with it on a personal level, I don’t see comments personally directed at me or respond to anything in that way. I think maybe it’s easier to stay removed in some sense. I don’t feel at the mercy of whoever’s “@”-replying me, you know?

But it is interesting because there’s just so much of it now. There’s just so many websites and so many different forums. I grew up loving the Internet so much and building websites. I had an e-zine that I would send to three people who would subscribe, who were probably all my mom under different screen names, before blogging was really a thing. I think now there’s an overwhelming nature that’s sort of inherent to social media—all the tweets and the constant-ness of it is a little much for me.
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July 19, 2014
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Emma appeared on Late Nigh Show with David Letterman on July 16th. Below you can watch first videos of actress in the show. Also check out the gallery for photos of Emma arriving at and leaving the studio.

Candids > 2014 > JULY 16TH – Arriving at David Letterman Show
Candids > 2014 > JULY 16TH – Leaving David Letterman Show

August 13, 2013
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Andrew Garfield won’t discuss his love life with Emma Stone, but he’s happy to praise her talents as an actress! While promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in late July at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif., the 28-year-old actor politely declined to answer a question about the redheaded beauty.

“How do you like working with Emma Stone, and is there a danger of taking work home?” an Associated Press reported asked. Garfield quipped, “Well, you’re assuming something there, which I will not be commenting about.” He then went on to only discuss what it’s like to work with the 24-year-old professionally. “I love it. She’s a great gal, and, as we all know, a singular talent, like a completely unique, singular talent. She just was born like a purebred, in terms of you just say ‘go’ and she goes. It’s infuriating because I can’t keep up with it. So it’s beautiful to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful person.”

The pair may keep their relationship private now, but the Social Network actor did reveal how he fell for The Help actress during a chat with MTV News in June 2012. “We got on really well as people, in between [takes],” the actor said about meeting Stone during Amazing Spider-Man auditions. “That was the fun stuff: In between, we’d just mess around and I felt, ‘Ah, this is different.’ I wasn’t really aware of what was happening in the screen test. She keeps you on your toes and that wakes you up. That was the beginning.” Indeed, although a source exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly that the couple are in “no rush to get engaged,” the pair have been living in New York together since April 2012.

July 17, 2013
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Actress Emma Stone, who was in New York, connected by phone one late spring night with the 21-year-old Woodley in Chicago, where she was shooting Divergent, to discuss her graduation from Secret Life, her quickly expanding oeuvre, and the challenges of growing up, acting out, and coming of age—both on-screen and off.

EMMA STONE: I wanted to start by asking you about something that I know you’re really interested in. Recently, you came over to the apartment in New York where I’ve been staying while shooting [The Amazing] Spider-Man 2. The building has a roof deck with a little garden, so we went up there, and I was surprised that you were able to identify the herbs that were growing there—I remember specifically that you identified the thyme. I know that you’re really passionate about herbalism and organic farming. How did you get into that?

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June 25, 2013
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Emma Stone has made an interesting revelation about her beauty secret. She says, she uses baking soda to exfoliate her skin.

“When I want to exfoliate my skin, I simply scrub it with some baking soda,” a leading magazine quoted the 24-year-old as saying.

The star admits that she hardly ever works out and says she prefers to practice relaxing techniques like yoga instead.

“At the moment I don’t do that much, but I know I need to change that. I’m trying to get into yoga, I like it and apparently it’s very good for you. As well as yoga, I do a bit of meditation,” said Stone.

March 31, 2013
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Back on March 18, Emma was on Live with Kelly and Michael and you can view the interview below!

December 6, 2012
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Hanging out in extremely fancy hotel suites with celebrities is by no means the worst part of my job, but an afternoon spent with Emma Stone—who was just named the new face of Revlon’s Nearly Naked makeup line coming out in January—at The London Hotel was especially fun. Probably because Stone herself is a plain old good time. When I walked in she was curled up next to a window with an insane view of New York’s skyline, but what caught my attention was her pale pink Daniel Vosovic dress and to-die-for Chloe trench, which she quickly explained was “borrowed.” Then we got to talking and it turns out that we have more in common than our love of khaki jackets—we’re both into french fries, Les Mis, Joan Didion, and we have what most would call an unusual interest in the psychology of serial killers. Of course this sort of talk made her publicist’s ears perk, but we both put on big smiles and a thumbs up and Emma said, “We love Revlon!” so she wouldn’t think we were veering too far off topic. Sadly, our shared interests most likely won’t be the start of a blossoming friendship, but if I had to pick one celeb to add to my pack of girlfriends it would be Stone.

Here’s what gets her going these days:

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple
The lip butter is the first thing that my face was ever “attached” to and I really love it. I wear it pretty often. It’s kind of like a chapstick, but it has some color in it, so it’s easy to wear all the time.

Blue Nights by Joan Didion
If you’re a Joan Didion fan and have read The Year of Magical Thinking then you need to read her new book because its about Quintana dying. It’s pretty awful, but it’s so beautiful.

The Banjo Ukulele
Somebody got me a banjo-ukulele and I just started fooling around on it. It’s been pretty great. I’ve never played an instrument before in my life, except for the flute in fourth grade, but it’s small enough for my hands so I’ve been screwing around with it and I learned “What a Wonderful World” which is really fun on a ukulele. You can get the tabs online—it’s pretty easy.

Les Miserables
Yah! I just saw a screening of Les Mis—oh my god—it is mind-blowing. It’s so good that it’s kind of stupid. It was the first musical that I ever saw when I was eight or nine, so I always had a connection to it. The movie holds up like you can’t believe. It’s amazing.

Daniel Vosovic
I love his stuff. I’ve worn his clothing three or four times in a row. It’s so comfortable, cute, simple, and clean, but always with something fun. Like this dress I’m wearing right now is open in the back, which is so cool. My stylist, Petra Flannery, is behind anything that I wear—it’s a collaboration, but she’s the brains behind the operation. I have gotten more into fashion now that I’ve been more exposed to it throughout the years.

Johnny Rockets
I’m a sucker for Johnny Rockets. I could go to Johnny Rockets and get grilled cheese with cheddar on white bread and french fries and vanilla-peanut butter malt. I love cheddar cheese—not American cheese, which tastes like a credit card. I use extra-sharp cheddar and then my secret is to put put some garlic salt on one side when you’re making it and then I butter on both sides to really do it up.

Madewell and Lanvin Flats
Flat shoes. Of course. I find it so crazy that so many women wear heels all day. I wear these Madewell flats all the time. I’m trying to wear other shoes more often, but they’re my favorite. And I have a pair of those Lanvin ballet shoes—the ones that curl up—I’ve had them for five years and I still wear them all the time.

Serial Killers
I can tell you pretty much anything about Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer. I’m fascinated to see how [someone becomes a serial killer] that happens and whether or not you can trace it back to a moment in their childhood. I find the psychology behind it interesting. Something can be so traumatizing to one child, but the same thing could happen to another child and he’ll turn out completely fine. What causes someone to want to do that? It’s so scary for parents because every moment is a chance that they need to be like, “I better handle this one well.”

On that note…we’re excited to see Emma Stone’s Revlon ads all over the city. And seriously Emma, if you get bored or whatever, I’m game to eat grilled cheese and profile serial killers with you.

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