The lovely Courtney was so kind enough to cap Emma’s glimpse from Movie 43 in HD for us, so here I am adding them in our gallery.

From what we can work out, Movie 43 is probably going to be the strangest film we have ever seen. At least if this rather unexpected – yet fairly hilarious – clip of Emma Stone getting out her dodgy flirting skills is anything to go by.

Frankly anything involving Emma is enough to get our bum in front of the telly, but this new flick looks set to be both funny and ridiculously rude. Starring loads of celebs including Kate Winslet, Chloe Moretz, Elizabeth Banks and Gerard Butler, it’s Emma’s rudey dudey scene in the supermarket that has got us chuckling our faces off, because let’s be honest, anything involving talk of ‘performing a sex act on a wizard’ is going to be great.

Can we just mention that the love interest also just so happens to be the kid from She’s All That, who rollerblades and forces the school bullies to eat pizza with pubes on.

What a lovely memory.

Frankly the clip is on the same level of weird, so check it out, but only if you don’t mind lots of rudeness

Well that was BIZARRE. At least now we know what Andrew Garfield is in for.


Since we had empty category for Movie 43 I went a bit around searching for stuff and got you an update. Enjoy the still, poster and featurette.

Check out the international red band trailer of Chloe’s upcoming movie, Movie 43! Watch here.

Check out this red band tv spot of Emma in her upcoming movie, Movie 43.

Check out this red band featurette of Emma in her upcoming movie, Movie 43.

Check out this new red band preview of Emma in her upcoming movie, Movie 43.

Check out the new trailer of Emma in her upcoming movie, Movie 43.

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